Benefits of Using a Pietra Lavica for Barbecuing – Guide to Lava Stone Cooking 


Cooking enthusiasts must be familiar with lava stone plates and lava cooking devices. These dishes allow chefs to cook or barbecue directly over the flames. Non-specialists who aren’t aware of these special plates must learn of the potential advantages they can provide. For instance, since lava stone is porous, all materials cooked on these plates receive even amounts of heat. The distribution of heat on these porous plates is perfect. These plates instantly absorb all heat and spread them to the food items. Plus, this heat remains infused inside the plate for very long periods.

A Healthier Option

The great thing about food cooked on Pietra lavica or lava stone plates is that they’re much healthier than traditionally cooked items. No toxic substances, fumes, chemicals, etc., come in contact with the food. The smoke released from these plates disperses extremely fast. All smoke produced from these plates comes from a process called ‘lava flow.’ These fumes are toxic-free, and they dissolve all fats within seconds. Since no fat comes in touch with the meat during cooking, it’s impossible to form potentially harmful substances like benzopyrene. Benzopyrene is a substance that forms whenever you burn your food. It’s carcinogenic and alters the flavors of the food you cook. Using lava plates prevents these types of issues.

Using Lava Stone Plates Safely

Make sure to never expose your lava stone plates to sudden changes in temperatures. Wait for the plates to cool before splashing any liquid (including water) on them. Avoid using cleaning agents that contain chemicals. Direct contact with fire may not hurt your lava stone plates, but abrasive cleaning agents will! The heat retention capabilities of these plates enable chefs to use only pure fire while cooking. With long periods of direct heat exposure, all the flavors in the food items are able to express themselves properly. Hence, cooking juicy and delicious dishes with lava stone plates is very easy.

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