Golden Corral – a top priority for dinners since 1973

If you are from South, it is quite possible that you have visited at Golden Corral once or twice with your friends or families. The first Golden Corral restaurant opened its doors in North Carolina. Its mission was to provide quality, healthy food in a friendly atmosphere and great value. The legendary Golden Corral banquet room weston fl endless buffet offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Golden Corral lunch prices are affordable. Diners can choose from more than 150 options to fill their plates. There are many good and healthier choices.

Golden Corral is at its best

You may have noticed that the local Golden Coral has a new look. While the new design aims to maintain its homey feel, it also aims for a more sophisticated appearance. The stacked stone towers and large windows, as well as the red awnings and wood accents, will improve appeal. The buffet area is now at one end and the guests at the opposite end. It changes the original layout of the buffet area being in the middle, with diners around it.

The kitchen has also been redesigned to be more efficient for staff. Diners will now feel more comfortable in the seating section. The tables have more space between them, and there are larger windows to keep diners from feeling cramped. Each location will also have its own banquet room. These rooms can be used for private functions. Golden Corral offers great food, great places, and an affordable price. You have each reason to visit it. You will be back repeatedly if you visit Golden Corral soon.

Golden Corral is kid’s favorite

Many restaurants are becoming more ambivalent about children these days. Golden Corral welcomes children. A large portion of their menus is geared toward children. However, “Kids” here doesn’t mean a teenager. On weekends, its $7.99 for children aged 9-12 years. It is only $6.99 on weekdays and even covers the cost for the beverage. Children aged 4-8 years receive even more discounts. Children under 3 years old can come along with you and they can eat free.

They welcome seniors

There are many benefits to being older, especially when you visit Golden Corral. The prices will drop if you are older than 60. If you are arriving after 4 PM on Friday or Saturday, you can enjoy your food for $14.49. You can also enjoy a Senior Early Bird Deal. Breakfast from Monday through Saturday is $9.39 per head. Old-timers visit Golden Corral on weekends and make each visit feel like home.

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