How do you find the best distilleries in Calgary


Several distilleries in Calgary create exquisite small-batch spirits. Continue reading to discover more about three must-see distilleries in Calgary. The distilleries in the Calgary region are a terrific spot to drink handcrafted spirits, spend time with friends, and unwind. Check out the popular distilleries in Calgary for your next gathering. As these distilleries release their vodkas, gins, and whiskies, they’ve brought an infusion of local flavors to Calgary, as well as a newfound interest in what’s going into our tumblers.

It was a gathering point for aboriginal tribes for millennia. As the Victorian British Empire expanded west to consolidate Canada and prevent Americans from migrating north, they recognized this location for what it was: a staging point to the Rocky Mountains and a lynch pin to the region. Calgary was born at the confluence of two rivers, and so has 2 different Waterways Distillery. The factors that inspire us to make our spirits can be found in the essence of late-nineteenth-century Canada, the driving resolve of the settlers and the men entrusted with upholding the peace. They utilize only ingredients sourced locally, as did our forefathers, and combine them with the glacial-fed waters

Confluence Distilling blends inventiveness and local flavors with global concepts to produce undeniably unique and delectable drinks. Confluence Distilling works hard to uphold a set of core values that guide and define their business processes. A company’s bottom line should not be its major priority in the twenty-first century. Through their firm, they hope to improve the drinking experience and lift people’s moods. Among their goals are strong community engagement, cultural growth and variety, information exchange, ongoing development, and innovation.

Bridgeland Distillery 

Bridgeland Distillery has been producing craft spirits that celebrate Calgary’s people and traditions since 2018. Bridgeland is an expert in copper pot distillation. Bridgeland’s brandy variants include Limoncello, Moscato, and Gewurztraminer. Single malt whisky, Taber corn berbon, and an old-fashioned cocktail whiskey are among the whiskey possibilities. Bridgeland also produces two types of grappa.

The Bridgland Distillery can be found on Edmonton Trail NE. The tasting room is open from 4 p.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and from 2 p.m. on Fridays and Sundays. On Sunday afternoons, you may also take a tour of the distillery and learn about the Bridgeland process. If you go, be sure to check out Bridgeland’s outside terrace, where you can enjoy the sun, a handcrafted drink, and a selection of small foods. Stone-fired pizzas, supper bowls, antipasto, and charcuterie platters are among the menu selections.

Burwood Distillery

Burwood Distillery’s proprietors take delight in providing handcrafted spirits fit for any occasion. Burwood mixes the traditions of old-world European farm distilleries with new-world methods to produce some of Calgary’s best spirits. All of the raw materials utilised by Burwood are grown by local farmers. Alix barley and Chestermere honey are essential commodities utilised in the distillery.

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