Keto Food Delivery – 5 Things I Experienced While On a Ketogenic Diet

People are typically sceptical when they hear that you can alter your metabolism so that your body burns fat instead of carbohydrates as fuel. However, this is precisely what the Keto diet claims to do. The rising popularity of keto food delivery services in Singapore is contributing to the emergence of this new weight loss trend. But regardless of what you may have heard, you can learn more about my experience with this high-fat, low-carb diet, including the foods I ate, the difficulties I encountered, and my conclusions and recommendations. Here are my experiences while following a ketogenic diet.

1. I Started With a Goal

I began the ketogenic diet to lose 10 pounds. I spent several weeks researching the ketogenic diet, following keto-focused social media accounts for motivation, and creating a plan before beginning. I would soon realise that this final step was the most crucial aspect of my journey. In addition, I seldom ordered from a keto restaurant in Singapore and used an online keto calculator to determine my caloric, carbohydrate, and fat intake goals.

2. Limiting My Carbs Was Challenging

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet. I would call it an extremely low-carb diet, as you are only permitted 20 grammes of carbohydrates per day. Some keto dieters follow a net-carb diet, which allows them to consume more carbs per day. For the sake of simplicity, I stuck to total carbs for my 30-day diet. As a general rule, I aimed for 20 grammes of protein per day: 2 grammes for breakfast, 5 for lunch, 3 for snacks, and 10 for dinner. All this was made easy through keto food delivery services in Singapore. I discovered that if I aimed for 20, I would land below 30. That was satisfactory enough for me.

3. I Repeated Food Often

I consumed a great deal of bacon, cheese, eggs, and meats such as chicken and steak. It took a great deal of personal persuasion for a person whose eating philosophy is typically more plant-based and focused on whole foods to consume processed pork products every morning. Eating multiple pieces of bacon every day for weeks goes against everything I know about maintaining good health.

4. My Energy Was Good But Inconsistent

I didn’t encounter the usual mid-afternoon energy slumps, which was even better. Gym time was somewhat challenging. Without carbohydrates, your body must burn fat for energy, which can leave you feeling fatigued during workouts. It’s all right. Continue your efforts and try again tomorrow. You can consider ordering from a keto restaurant in Singapore to ensure a good source of energy.

5. My Sugar Cravings Decreased

Sugar isn’t an option on a keto diet, and most no-carb sugar substitutes do not work for me. However,  it did not mean the cravings disappeared. And the first few days were marked by intense hunger for chocolate, soda, and even bananas. When you return to normal eating, you may discover (as I did) that many of the sweet foods you previously enjoyed are now too sweet to consume. You can order a sugar free cake in Singapore as a treat that’s not too sweet.

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