Luciano Ice Creams – The Best Stop to Feast Your Taste Buds with Tasty Ice Creams

Children love it when they get to have ice cream of their favorite flavor anytime. Apart from toys, chocolates, sweets, etc., ice cream is the next best thing for them. Sweet cooling ice cream of different flavors can lift anyone’s mood, and the same goes for children and even adults too. Luciano takes pride in making many people happy with their unique flavored and tasty ice creams. 

Founded by Luc Block, Luciano is a family-owned ice cream business. Luc Block was just a 15-year-old teenager when he was introduced to the world of ice creams with the help of his parents. It became his passion from then on, which led to winning the Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the later years. 

About LLA 

Luxury Lifestyle Awards (LLA) is a prestigious award that recognizes, celebrates, selects, and even promotes the top quality and luxurious goods around the globe. The main aim of this LLA is to connect the people with the luxurious facilities that are available around the globe. The team that finalizes this award to any company or product will first scrutinize more than 10s of thousand products and then will decide who will get this award. Luciano takes pride in being one of such luxurious goods recognized by the LLA team. 

Luc Block did not just focus on working in the Ice Cream retail Supplier tn of his parents but concentrated on getting trained as an excellent ice cream maker. He started his training in Wageningen and even started his business in Wassenaar after completing his business. This place held many special memories from his past and most of those beautiful memories included an ice cream truck high point nc coming to his childhood place and offering him to enjoy the tasty ice cream in different flavors. All these led to the opening of his shop in this place.

As the demand for the Luciano ice cream increased, he started opening his branches in many places. It was the dream of his and his wife Angelique, and hence they made it a reality by opening Luciano, a one-stop destination for tasty ice creams. He then opened a branch in many places in the Netherlands. 

If you look at the symbol or logo of Luciano, then you will notice the inverted letter “A” in it, referring to not only the name of Angelique but also the representation of the ice cream cones. The flavors that are served worldwide not only got a great fan following, but also the attention of many awards. 

Some of the awards that are won by Luciano include, “Craftsman of the Year” award, the “Ice Cream of the Year” award, “Best Luxury Ice Cream in the World” awards twice in a row. Now you can find more than 30 exquisite artisanal ice cream flavors, and more than 15 branches in the Netherlands. 

The classic flavors of ice creams that are served in Luciano include banana, vanilla, stracciatella, strawberries, lemon, yogurt, and other such ice cream gourmets. You can taste some delicious flavors of ice cream here. Some of the exclusive recipes of ice cream Luciano include ice cream cakes, honey figs, spekkoek, raspberry crumble pie, chocolate sorbet, Luciano coffee, and so on. When in Luciano, do not forget to try these recipes. 

Making customers happy is the main goal of all the ice cream shops today, and Luciano knows very well how to achieve it. Every recipe that is served in Luciano is prepared with top-class ingredients, and you can enjoy the best flavors of many recipes in one place. Visit the ice cream shop and ravish your taste buds with the never-ending flavor-filled ice creams of many varieties by visiting Luciano

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