Marionberry Vs. Blackberry – Major Things to Know

Have you ever heard about marionberries? It is one of the most widely used blackberries in yogurt, baked goods, juices, and jams. Compared to other blackberry varieties, it has impressive deep reddish purple color, texture, and rich flavor. All these elements make it superior to other blackberries. Because of increased usage and popularity, people are growing marionberries on their farms. 

What are marionberries?

The marionberry is the blackberry cultivar developed in 1950s through breeding program.  USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and Oregon State University has collaborated to develop this fruit. It is named after Marion Country in Oregon because it is the first place marionberries were cultivated. 

It is the king of blackberries but it is grown especially in Oregon and available only during the season. So, until growing marionberries on the farm, you should wait patiently. Although different types of blackberries exist, people love to eat marionberries because of their juicy flavor, dark color, and sweetness. It is much sweeter and larger than regular ones. Additionally, it has a soft texture and is commonly used in all desserts. 

Difference between marionberry and blackberry

Although blackberries and marionberries are closely related, they have specific differences. This is why carefully pay attention to marionberries vs. blackberries to clarify your doubts. Here are some significant differences between those blackberries.

  • When thinking about marionberries vs blackberries, the first thing that comes to mind is that marionberries are the specific cultivar of blackberries. In simple words, they are developed scientifically.
  • Regarding flavor, marionberries have a more complex flavor and sweetness than all blackberries. It also has the essence of earthiness and tartness.
  • Marionberries have a juicer and softer texture than other blackberries. It is also larger and more elongated. Additionally, it looks deep purple while ripe.
  • Marionberries are widely grown in the Pacific Northwest and Oregon during summer. However, regular blackberries grow throughout the year in several regions worldwide.

Benefits and uses of marionberries:

  • Like other berries, marionberries are a nutritious food rendering several health issues. Being a good source of antioxidants, it helps safeguard your body against inflammation and free radical damage leading to chronic disease. 
  • The presence of anthocyanins and phenolics (a major type of flavonoids) reduces the risk of heart disease, boosts brain health, and enhances immune function.
  • It is also a good source of dietary fiber, and thus, your digestive issues will fade away quickly. In addition, you can promote healthy metabolic processes.

If you are not getting marionberries quickly, learn how to grow marionberries at home and follow the procedures properly to get the original marionberries. You can use it in various dishes and recipes like desserts, baked goods, and jams. Apart from meeting your food cravings, it improves your health in several ways.

Closing thoughts:

This blog surely renders you enough understanding of marionberry vs. blackberry and the significant benefits of marionberry. So, according to preferences, you can purchase any Blackberry and enjoy unlimited health benefits. 

If you do not have time to wait until the summer month to get the marionberry, you can learn how to grow marionberries. It assists you in growing the marionberry on your farm and fulfills your blackberry carvings greatly. 


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