Must-Try Interesting and Unique Desserts Which Have Their Origin at Switzerland

For most of us, the favorite part of meals is dessert. We find desserts irresistible. Imagine trying out desserts from the very own country that is world-famous for chocolates and cheese. Switzerland’s food scene is overwhelming. Its lip-smacking desserts are much more than just chocolates.

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Insanely Delicious Desserts You Need To Try Before You Die

Popular Switzerland desserts:

  • Apple strudelMultiple layers of thin pastry are wrapped together around a delicious filling of apples, cinnamon, and sultanas. The outer layer is dusted with icing sugar and baked in the oven until it reaches the beautiful golden color. It is served along with vanilla sauce drizzled over it.
  • Berliner: Also called donuts in several parts of the world. A ball of yeast dough is shaped into circles and deep-fried to a golden brown. The Swiss variation contains a tasty apricot filling.
  • Apricot cakeThis delicacy can be found in almost all bakeries and restaurants in Switzerland. A buttery base of the cake is made over which apricot slices are placed and baked in a deep tray. After the cake cools, it is dusted with icing sugar.
  • Birewegge (Pear bun): These are delicious pastry rolls with a filling of dried pear, nuts, concentrated pear juice, raisins, and sugar. Flavorings like cinnamon, clove, star anise, coriander, rose water or pear brandy are also added in some bakeries.
  • Spitzbeube: The name translates to ‘little rascal’ or ‘cheeky boy’ and consists of round shortcake cookies glued together. These biscuits have jam filling and their top part has holes that make them resemble a smiling boy’s face.
  • Vermicelli: Chestnuts, sugar, and butter are pressed together through a performed plate to yield a thin worm-like delicacy. These piles of worm-shaped vermicelli are served along with meringue and whipped cream. Some have it along with a scoop of ice cream.
  • Cremeschnitte: This custard cream dessert looks deceptively simple but yummy and can be quite messy to eat. The cake contains layers of puff pastry, sugar glaze, and vanilla custard.
  • Luxemburgerli: These bite-sized macarons originated at Luxemburg. About half a century ago, Richard Sprungli perfected this recipe which is still religiously guarded as their state secret. They are available in a wide variety of flavors and don’t contain additives.
  • Kambly biscuits: These crunchy biscuits are irresistible because of their wafer-thin, buttery texture. They go well with coffee and tea and make a great evening snack.
  • Swiss yogurtYoghurts taste great but Swiss yogurts stand apart. They are lighter and creamier. You can find them in several exciting flavors including strawberry, raspberry, pineapple, apricot.
  • Willisauer Ringli: These rock-solid cookie rings are tough like granite. You’ll need to need them in coffee first so that your teeth remain unharmed or crack them with your hands beforehand.

These desserts are the most preferred ones in Switzerland. Don’t miss to get a taste of them.

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