Pops & Poosh – Best Caribbean food Outlet

Many people would love to experiment by tasting different cuisines from all across the world. There are some cuisines that are mind-blowing with their fresh aroma and out of the world flavours put together in the right combination. Haitian cuisine is one such thing that brings about a whole new experience in flavour and taste. If you are someone who is looking to taste the best and authentic Caribbean food then you should definitely check out Pops & Poosh. Located in Baldwin, NY in Nassau County Long Island, it has been delivering some splendid Haitian food varieties.

Popular food

Pops & Poosh is especially quite popular for their range of patties. The patties are made out of chicken, fish, herring, vegetables and beef. The restaurant was found in the year 2018 by Parnell Gervais and Wagner Gervais, the two brothers. The chef of the restaurant is their mom and dad. Chef Jessie Byron is the heart & soul of Pops & Poosh Caribbean Kitchen.  Jessie Byron and Edvard Byron have created some of the finest and most tasty Haitian dishes and have brought in exotic range with class. They serve not just food but also want to share their culture and heritage to the entire world. 

Delivery partners

The restaurant offers delivery and curbs side pickups as well. It is now possible to enjoy your favourite Pops and Poosh signature dish at the comforts of your house through our delivery partner Grubhub, Uber Eats and others. The restaurant also caters to special events and occasions like wedding, birthdays, corporate events and get-togethers. Enjoy the top range Haitian cuisine with your dear ones and have a life time of experience. . Pops And Poosh are looking to expand and open several restaurants throughout the Tri state so that it can provide the experience for many. 

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