Tanqueray Gin Is Great For Refreshing Yourself!

After a lousy and tiring day at work, all you desire is a timeout with your friends at a rooftop lounge or restaurant. A relaxing time is always a good option to refresh and keep up with the hectic days ahead.

People usually prefer liquor that isn’t too hard on them but gives a light tingly state of mind. Keeping them happy high is what they want, and gin bass Tanqueray (จินเบส tanqueray, which is the term in Thai) does precisely the same for them.

Why Is Gin The Favourite Pick For Almost Everyone?

It is incredible to know that the cocktail culture has been in history for ages. In the earlier days, cocktails were considered to be the drink of the riches or strictly for getting high.

As cocktails are a mix of 3-4 variants of liquor, it gives an excellent high to the one consuming it. But, in recent times, cocktails have become a part of the daily menus and consumption. People prefer sipping cocktails with their dinner or otherwise, too. With this, Gin has gained its place appropriately in the era of cocktail culture.

As Gin has the highest amount of adaptive nature towards different flavours, it makes a perfect infusion for any cocktail. Gin bass Tanqueray from London is one of the well-known and majorly consumed brands of Gin. People love drinking it with various elements or in forms.

A Gin Based Cocktail Can Never Go Wrong.

Using gin bass Tanqueray London’s famous dry Gin makes the cocktails taste even better. Numerous cocktails are prepared with this Gin and turn out to be the best sellers.

For example, a cocktail made with Tanqueray and edible flowers infused in sweet syrup and to cut the sourness of Thai lime and cucumber makes your taste palettes dance. A sour and sweet balanced taste makes it worth the try.


Light on your head drink, usually famous with the females, is the best way to have a chilling end to your day. If you don’t want to drink heavily and enjoy a light tipsy feeling of happiness, then consumption of Gin is the best way to move forward.

Having Gin with tonic water or any other kind of juices or mixer will taste as heavenly as it can be. Combining it with freshly squeezed juices like pineapple, litchi, or even coconut water is the best way to enjoy Gin. It tastes fantastic, and you won’t ever regret it.

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