The Anatomy of a Dish: The Aussie Burger

Who in recent years, has become the most innovative when it comes to burgers? Australians. They love their burgers, and they have a very unique style of burger that they enjoy. Eggs and beetroot are just some of the unique ingredients in Aussie burgers – this may not sound super exciting, but we sure love it.

Aussie burgers are not for those who like a plain hamburger or cheeseburger, because you’ve got be daring to trya delicious Aussie burger.Australian burgersare all about the flavour – the gooey egg, beetroot, pineapple – while these combinations may seem strange, they taste better than you could ever imagine.

Now, you might be wondering, with so many ingredients, won’t the patty get lost? Not at alland if you are ready to head into your favourite restaurants and give it a try, but are still pretty hesitant, then here is the breakdown of an Aussie Burger.

The Bun

The bun is one of the most essential elements of any burger, after all, to hold all of these ingredients together, you need sturdy buns.

The brioche bun is generally preferred for Aussie burgers;however, some places will also use regular burgers. ABrioche bunis a bit sweeter, and they go well with a beef patty and pickled beetroot. Even if you have never had a brioche bun before, we promise it’s worth a try.

The Patty

As all burgers do, there needs to be patty somewhere inside. A juicy beef patty adds richness to the burgers. However, when making an aussie burger, this is essential with the large range of ingredients it must be mixed with.

An aussie burger patty needs to be rich and delicious, but not so overpowering that you can’t taste your other ingredients. You’ll easily be able to notice when you try one, that while the patty is a star, it is the mix of everything together that is the real showstopper.

The Cheese

Here is the best part of any burger, no matter where you are in the world. No matter how many things you add into a burger, without cheese, it is incomplete. You will notice that Australians, only use the best cheese for burgers – there is no other way.

Pure Dairy is the best place to buy burger cheese in Australia, and they have hi-melt cheese slices, natural cheddar slices and Swiss cheese slices. All of their products are amazing, which is why the best restaurants choose to purchase their cheese from Pure Dairy.

The Extras

These are always extra ingredients that we don’t find in a regular burger, but only in the ultimate Aussie burger.

Pickled beetroot: Anything pickled tastes good with beef, but beetroot tastes the best. It complements the patty and the bun while enhancing the taste of the burger.

Grilled pineapple: A big yes for me – sweet, tangy pineapple juice runs throughout your mouth when you a bite into the burger.

Runny egg: A signature ingredient of an Aussie burger. This is quite common throughout Aussie burgers, and definitely steals the show.

After that, you can have anything else you like on your Aussie burger, and every place will offer something different. Maybe it’ll be lettuce, tomato, onion – the options are endless. However, enjoy your Aussie burger!

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