What the difference between weber genesis 310 and 315

Do you need a solid grill to cook all those grills you loved and parties with your buddies and family? So If you are preparing for a party and want to enjoy the real taste of barbecue. Then Weber Genesis 310 and 315  would be a great choice for you since both are producing a broad variety of cooking and excellent features for ease. Moreover, there is not much difference between the two.

This Weber Genesis 310 and 315 both grills make your grilling experience simple and more relaxed and will give you hassle-free cooking. These cook smoothly with negligible clarity and are completely stable from their many-year guarantee. These grills are easy to use with propane or flammable gases.

But are you confused about which grill will be the best one for you? So you have no reason to worry, we will give you detailed information about these two grills below and we hope that it will help you to choose the suitable one for you. So let’s a look at the full review.

Difference between weber genesis 310 and 315

There are most of the features of the Weber 310 and 315 are not much different, But If you are doubtful about picking the proper grill from these two grills then look at our compare weber 310 and 315 which help you choose the best one for you.

Stainless Steel Burner 

The Weber Genesis E310 and E315 grills are made with three burners. So that its users can effortlessly prepare large batches of BBQ dishes without any extra hassle. And while both of these grills use the same 39,000 BTU per hour, the E-310 still takes a bit longer. Moreover, this grill can hold the temperature and is not able to provide uneven heat. As a result, even the Genesis E-310 grill is not capable of preparing your favorite food on time, so useless to say, this E-315 grill will be a great addition to your backyard. This grill cast iron cleaning is very easy.

Kitchen area 

These Genesis E-310 and E315 both grills are built with a 669 sq-inches cooking space. So you can quickly prepare any dish from medium to large batches without any problem. Moreover, the cooking grates are made3 with porcelain glazed. Which helps you to clean it easily. Also, the cooking grates are long-lasting.

Built-in app

The E-310 and E315 are both easy to combine because the machine is equipped with the Built app. And the built-in app will give you a complete instructions on how you can easily set up the device. Overall the app is very helpful for you because you can easily learn how to set up the device easily.

Igrill 3

Both of these are very easy to integrate with the iGrill 3 apps. This app will check the temperature level when you prepare a recipe and when it touches your craved temperature level,  this app will send information to your smartphone. Moreover, the app decreases your anxiety from cooking. Due to which you will not need to test the recipe again and again.

Side table

The side table on the Genesis E310 Plus E315 is a great extension. Because you can put any grilling accessories in it, and the table is created with 6 tool hooks. Still, the side table can take the items you need by cutting meat or vegetables.

Size And Weight 

The size of any grilling machine is an important consideration and if you are looking for a compact weber then this E315 may be suitable for you. Because it weighs less than the E310, you can easily set up even a small space in your garden.

And the E310 weighs 133 pounds, and it is 59 inches long and 29 inches broad, 47 inches high. And, the E315 weighs 121.2 pounds, and its overall dimensions are 31 inches lengthy x 59 inches wide x 62 inches big.


Weber Genesis comes with a 10-year warranty for all parts; And if any errors occur, they will replace them or repair them. Moreover, these models are made with high-quality elements to make them long-lasting.

The Bottom Line 

The two grills shown here are of very high quality. Moreover, they are very great for all their excellent features. But here we will suggest you the E315 cause it cooks quicker than E310. And this E-315 grill will be a great addition to your backyard.

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