Where to Find the Best Prosecco in Thailand?

If you are one of those people who are extremely obsessed with Prosecco and are looking for it in Thailand, keep reading this article! No one can say no to a glass of Prosecco or even a bottle. Prosecco is an Italian white wine that is now widely used all over the world by people. It has become a must for people to celebrate their evenings with friends or family.

Likewise, all the people around the world, the Thais are extremely obsessed with it as well as it contains lower alcohol content and is extremely affordable.

Thailand is home to various vineyards that have various vines to offer.  Here are a few places mentioned below where you can go for Prosecco wines taste testing and can avail yourself of the one that fits you the most! Get your glass for the best Prosecco ready!

Khao Yai (H2)

 Khao Yai is a famous region in Thailand that is home to two famous vineyards; Gran Monte and PB Valley. It is not only a vineyard but it has a restaurant as well where you can enjoy Thai dishes along with your favorite glass of Prosecco.

PB Valley is the best one in Thailand because it was the first ever vineyard to open Thailand. It is over 30 years old. Thus, if you are looking for a wine of high quality and authenticity, PB valley would be the best place to visit.

Pattaya (H2)

Pattaya is located on Thailand’s eastern Gulf coast. It is mostly known for its best beaches and views along with the vineyard. Pattaya is a dream place, a perfect spot for your vacation with a glass of the best wine of your choice. It has golden sands, beach huts, and also the best vine for your vacations with a glass of the best wine of your choice. It has golden sands, beach huts, and also the best vineyards in Thailand. Silverlake vineyard which is a lot famous in Thailand is the Neighbour to Pattaya. Thus, you can know the importance of Pattaya’s in Thailand from the point mentioned above.

Silverlake vineyard has many delicious and tempting wines to offer, which also includes Prosecco. If you are visiting Pattaya, take a look at the Silverlake vineyard and grab yourself the best bottle of Prosecco.

Wang Nam Khiao (H2)

Wang Nam Khiao is located on the east of Khao Yai National Park. Like other famous vineyards, Wang Nam Khiao is home to many of Thailand’s famous vineyards such as; the Winery and the Village Farm. It is small as compared to the other places in Thailand but the quality is highly recommended. Wang Nam Khiao has an impressive vineyard that offers all types of top and high quality wines.

The list doesn’t end here, there are countless other places in Thailand as well that offer the best and amazing Prosecco and many other high quality wines as well. Though there are many restaurants and wine clubs in Thailand that can offer you Prosecco but getting yourself Prosecco or any other wine directly from the vineyard has its own charm and vibe. Moreover, prosecco is largely available in Thailand’s local markets as well but those are not worth it. No wine can be more authentic and of top quality than vineyards.

Hence, take out the time and visit these places in Thailand and their beautiful vineyards to pick out the best one for yourself. Fill a glass of Prosecco from the best vineyard and enjoy your time!

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