5 Essentials to Enhance Your Movie Night Experience

Given the prolonged pandemic, we all are running out of things to do at home.  Starting weekly traditions, like family movie night is a great way to stay entertained and spend some quality time with the family. Best part?  It is easy to coordinate!  You already have the venue, so dim the lights, get the movie snacks ready and choose a movie everyone will enjoy.  Here’s a list of essentials that will enhance your movie night experience:

1) Comfy and cozy essentials:

Get cozy!  Make sure everyone is as comfortable as possible before the movie starts. Get a warm and cozy comforter that everyone can squeeze under and arrange a few throw pillows and floor cushions. You can even include your pet by bringing over your dog’s bed. Once everything is in place, sit back, relax and enjoy the show.


What family movie night is ever complete without snacks? Munchies are a given while enjoying the movie. Instead of running to the store to pick up everyone’s favorite snacks, preparation is made easy with a variety movie night snack bundle that has both sweet and salty snacks in it. Plan ahead and place an order a few days before your scheduled movie night and have them delivered right to your door.

3) Lights to set the mood 

Lights, camera, action!  Set the mood for movie night with the perfect lighting. You can add a LED strip behind the TV or some string fairy lights around the room to create a theatre-like experience for the family.

4) Make it a theme night

Get matching pajamas for the entire family. Watching the Star Wars sequels or the complete series of Harry Potter? These movies call for some themed pajama sets for the whole family. It also has the added advantage of everyone being ready for bed as soon as the movie finishes. Make sure they are comfortable and warm and even more so, make sure the pajama theme pre-approved by the kids!

5) A trivia game based on the movie

To add to the enjoyment, after the movie is over, have a trivia contest based on the movie. You can award the one who wins, a family favorite snack, or another prize of choice to make the game more competitive!

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