A Guide to Home-Made Korean BBQ

In the modern world, people are sharing and adopting other cultures to spice up their life. The phenomenon is evident in the type of meals we embrace in our lives. Most probably, you already know how topreparecuisines from differentparts of the globe. Therefore this read offers youa guide to preparing Korean BBQ at home.

A Guide to Korean BBQ

Whether you are having a dinner partyor a family gettogether, it is exciting to have a recipe that any person can enjoy. The Korean BBQ is one meal youshould tryout dueto its continuous popularity among people from different cultural backgrounds. 

The Recipe

Below are the ingredients youwill need for the meal;

  • Meat;is basically the usual cut you canget froma local store, but it would be best to purchase from an Asian butchery. You canopt for chicken, pork, or beef, depending onyour preference. The rib,popularly known as kalbi or slicedmeat, considered bulgogi, is the best option. 
  • A grill; you can either select a stove or charcoal grill for preparing the cuisine. However,toprepare the best Korean Grille, suitable equipmentshould allow the fat from the meat to run down without producing much smoke. It is vital because you will be preparing the cuisine indoors. Still, alternatively, you can do it outdoor to avoid the flares when the fat contacts the charcoal. 
  • Vegetables; different vegetables you canselect forpreparing your Korean barbecue. Some include carrots,cucumber,broccoli, perilla, and lettuce. Donot forget the chilli toget an authentic taste of the Asian meal. On the other hand, you can be creative with the vegetables by having garlicand leafy onions.
  • Banchan; if you are wondering what it is, banchanis the food the Korean joints will place on the sides of the BBQ. You can try potatoes or other kinds of raw vegetables to go with the meat. It will enhance the meal to a balanced diet.
  • Accompaniments; meat is a meal that cankeep you full for long. But, you caninclude some side dishes like pasta orrice, especially if you are hosting many guests. 

The Preparation

Bew are the steps to follow when preparing the Korean BBQ;

  • Marinate the meat;the stage is essential in giving the meat the taste you desire. You can either marinate it with ingredients of choice. Alternatively, you can get marinated meat from the Korean butchery. Undertake the stage the day or hours before grilling.
  • Prepare the grill;ensure the grill is clean, brush itusing cooking oiland light it up. Keep the windows open when doing preparing the BBQ indoor to allow the smoke out.
  • Cooking; place the meat on the burning grill to cook. Regulate the heat to avoid burning it. Cook the meat evenly by flipping it from side to side.
  • Saucing; once the meat is ready, you can sauce it and prepare it to present on the table. 
  • Presentation;cook the side dishes to accompany the BBQ.


Repeat the proceduretimeand again to enjoythe Korean dishes.


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