3 Most Favorite Veg Rice Dishes in India

Rice is a staple food in India and makes for some of the comforting dishes that are widely loved by its people. Rice can be relished in endless ways. And if you wish to go beyond the usual route of service rice along with stew and curries, then there are almost a dozen dishes available. When we talk of rice dishes, nothing beats the subtlety and taste of veg rice options; from veg fried rice recipe to Pulao, Khichdi and lots, veg rice are super-simple to prepare and can be whipped-up using easily-available dishes.

Easy-to-Cook Veg Rice Options To Try

Jeera Rice: The Simplest Indian Dish

Jeera rice is one of the most popular Indian dishes that is prepared using cumin seeds and rice grains. The rice is firstly fried in pure ghee. Thereafter, cumin seeds are added to it to give it a kick of flavor and aroma. Few more ingredients like coriander, mint, garlic, ginger, chili peppers and onions are added to it based on the eater’s preference to enrich its taste. You can either serve Jeera rice on its own for a filling meal or use it as an accompaniment with different other Indian main-course dishes like Paneer Butter Masala, Mushroom Chilli, Chili Potato.

Pulao: Most-Loved Rice Delicacy in India

Pulao or Pilaf is a special Middle Eastern cuisine that includes, bulgur, couscous, and cracked wheat. While there are maybe a dozen ingredients required to make Pulao like your choice of vegetables, exotic spices, herbs, and dried fruits, rice remains to be the most standard ingredient. In India and in even in Turkish countries, Pilaf is considered both as a side side and an option available for the main course. They are usually served hot along with curd and salads. 

Cooking experts believe the most wonderful part about Pulao is the tahdig (a word referring to the pot’s bottom and the rice’s golden crust which develops on the base of the vessel on which it is cooked.

Vegetable Biryani: The Tastiest Rice Delicacy

Vegetable Biryani has its roots back stemmed in the Mughal Dynasty that continues to rule our appetite and all the top outlets across the world. This traditional Indian recipe has always been our favorite option in the menu card; from youngsters to the older generation, it is loved by one and all. And while numerous modern varieties of Biryani have come out that you can try doing either in the microwave or oven, the traditional hundi vegetable recipe can do wonders. 

The traditional veg biryani recipe involves layers of delicious veg gravy and rice topped with scented saffron and is simmered inside the stove to enhance the aroma and the taste. You can serve them along with Raita, some kind of white gravy, or even Paneer. 

These are three of the most savored, loved, and tried veg rice recipes in India. Some other veg rice recipes that have garnered all the appreciation for their taste, texture, and color and Ghee Rice, Rajma Chawal, etc. And no matter how you cook them, they always turn out to be delectable and satisfying. Prepare them regularly or try them on special occasions and let appreciations pour in from all sides. 



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