5 Most Delicious Breakfast Places in London to Try this 2021

We have finally survived the pandemic and are looking towards better end of the year, and this includes all day breakfast sunrise fl. We cannot say that it was all easy but finally we deserve to have a break that we have earned after staying at home when we didn’t want to and working from home with least opportunities. All of our efforts deserve to be paid and this has summed up in a trip to London but we can not only spend our whole day walking around the big tower and art galleries. This is exactly what we are going for but the element of not having a suitable and yummy start of the day will make our mood go bad for whole day. Here we are sharing our top 5 choices that we are going to start our day with so can you. In these eateries, breakfast is worth spending every penny you have but we suggest using Deliveroo code obtainable at coupon.ae to save at your each meal. Below is our carefully made list of breakfast places in London.

Brother Marcus and Step Sisters:

Step sisters is not a family tree explanation but a potato gluten free tower served with poached egg, yoghurt, turmeric, spinach and kale at Brother Marcus. This breakfast option is full of proteins without being heavy on your stomach and it will give you enough energy to walk through city whole day. Try homemade veggie Marcus too.

Hawks moor’s Skillet Breakfast:

Imagine a skillet pan breakfast filled with the option of grilled bone marrow that is the most loved offering of this place. If you are going with your BFF or Bae, then try the serving of two that comes with squeak and bubble rib along with best fry up the town can offer. The sides of baked beans and grilled tomatoes are an additional beauty to go for.

Florentine Restaurant’s Ostrich Egg:

This south London eatery is happy to serve you its most proud dish. The sizzling ostrich eggs are big in flavor and the size of course. It can be equal to 22 chicken eggs but still you will want more. Go for finger licking smoked beans too. This food option requires use of deliveroo code given at coupon.ae so that you can enjoy while paying really less.

Regency Café’ Full English Breakfast:

Imagine waking up and going to a cozy place in your fancy PJ’s where you can enjoy egg poaches with crispy sweet potatoes, smoked beans, hash browns, black pudding and hotdog. After that go for coffee or tea whatever you like or walk to the balcony with fresh juice and get some post worthy travel pictures as this place is a piece of royal art.

Dishoom Bacon Naan with Crisps:

This one will always be our love of life and let us share why. It has puffy naan bread which is filled with layers of sweet bacon. Chili tomato sauce and melted cheese combined to give a creamy texture you will always love. If you want to be called a Londoner then try this using deliveroo code sourced from coupon.ae and save on this delicacy.

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