Avoid Illegal Alcohol Sales

The customer seems old enough but left their ID at home. You saw this person talking to a group of teenagers before coming inside to purchase a case of beer. Someone walks into the liquor store stumbling and speaking with slurred words. What should you do as a liquor store clerk in these situations?

You know how to get an alcohol permit in Dallas TX and your state laws concerning alcohol sales, so you know that you have to make judgment calls when selling alcohol.

They Look Old Enough, But No ID

Does the customer appear under the age of 40?  If so, you need to check the ID.  Look at the date to ensure the customer is at least 21 and make sure the picture matches the customer.  If they can’t provide a valid ID and look under 40, deny the sale, even if you’re pretty sure they are old enough.  An annoyed customer is not worth losing your job and being fined $4,000.

You Saw Them Talking To Teenagers Outside the Store

It’s likely this customer is about to make what is called a “third-party purchase.” This is where an adult agrees to purchase alcohol for a minor.  You can be held legally responsible if you have reason to believe that the alcohol you are selling will be provided to a minor.  If you suspect a possible third-party purchase, deny the sale.

The Customer Walks in Stumbling

If the customer is showing clear signs of intoxication, such as stumbling, slurring, or smelling of liquor, deny the sale. It is illegal to sell alcohol for off-premises consumption to an intoxicated person, as doing so would contribute to drunk driving: one of the leading causes of fatal car accidents.

Follow the law and your best good-faith judgment. This will keep you, your job, your workplace, and your customers safe.

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