Bacon And CheeseCurds: Have You Paired Them Yet?

As many of us know bacon tastes amazing, it has a delightful savoury taste. On the other hand, a fresh cheese curds havea mild and milky flavour. When these two meet, you get a perfectly balanced flavour that is delicious.

Once you have paired them together, you won’t be able to find a better combination than bacon and cheese curds. You can unite these two to create many amazing dishes from a take on classic poutine, to an everyday sandwich, and everything in between.

Both bacon and cheese curds can be eaten at any time of the day – breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If you haven’t added this pairingto your menu yet, here are some of the dishes you can add to your menu:

Cheese Curds and Bacon Poutine

When you think of cheese curds – you thinkof poutine with crispy French fries, and cheese curds drenched in hot brown gravy. Cheese curds and bacon poutine is the perfect way to excel the flavour of classic poutine.

Those who love cheese curds already know how to make poutine. All you need to do is cook your bacon separately and sprinkle it onto your poutine, along with the cheese curds. It adds a delicious twist to your dish and your customers are bound to love it.

Bacon and Cheese Curds Sandwich

As mentioned before, bacon and cheese curdscan be perfect for any meal, including breakfast – so why not add a cheese curd and bacon breakfast dish to your menu. Cheese curds arequite healthy, and bacon adds great flavour toany sandwich, especially a breakfast sandwich.

To make a bacon and cheese curd sandwich, you need cheese curds, bacon and a little bit of shredded cheese to hold the ingredients together when grilling. Grilling is the tricky part, because you have to ensure that everything is melted perfectly. Once you’re done you will have a delicious breakfast sandwich.

Mac & Cheese with Bacon and Cheese Curds

There is no doubt that Mac &Cheese is good on its own, without adding anything fancy. However,have you thought about this killer combination? Mac &Cheese withcheese curds, and crunchy bacon in between.If not,it is the perfect way to spice up your ordinary menu order of Mac & Cheese.

Make your mac & cheese as per usual, and when you are done, add cheese curds and bacon, then give it a good mix. Finally, bake it for 5 minutes and serve up an amazing dish.

The only disadvantage of using of cheese curds is that the squeak of cheese curds only remains for 24 hours. However, we are lucky enough to be living in the era of technology – different packaging techniques allows us to enjoy fresh food even after many days.

Pure Dairy is one the best sellers of cheese curds, they source them straight from Wisconsin – home of cheese curds. They use IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) techniques to pack their cheese curds.Using this technique, the nutritional value and the squeak are preserved along with the taste and texture.

You can order fresh cheese curds from Pure Dairy by getting in touch with them, and they will get back to you the distributor’s information. It will be the best addition to your restaurant’s menu.

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