The Everlasting Attraction of Rooftop Bars

Rooftop bars continue to soar in global popularity. From the United States and Europe to across the world, these establishments feature breathtaking views of city landscapes. These bars are perched high atop cities with incredible scenery of skyscrapers and buildings. Patrons can enjoy their favorite Merlot or beer-on-tap specials while looking at the hustling and bustling pedestrians below. The concept of rooftop bars is not new but has grown in numbers over the last few years.

One of the main questions for patrons is “how’s the view?”. They also want to know what is on the menu, and whether reservations are needed or not. Like ground-based bars, rooftop bars showcase fine wines, spirits, and beers. They also have scrumptious appetizers and a variety of delicious entrees and dishes. Customers can get to these places by taking elevators or using the staircases. Many roof-based bars have large LED video screens and TVs, which show the big sporting games or music videos for dancing and socializing.

The dress is usually casual when going to rooftop bars. However, most bars allow summer dresses, sandals, and shorts during those scorching months. Some establishments feature movie nights, trivia, singles events, and family-orientated functions. The everlasting attraction of roof-based bars continues to engage new and existing customers alike. There is something about being out in the cool air while sipping your favorite beverages and enjoying mouth-watering food.

The highest rooftop bar in the world is located in Hong Kong. The popular Ozone Bar is situated on the 118th floor of the ICC building. This establishment is a forerunner in mixed-use developments in the commercial and retail sectors. Buildings this size tend to have offices, hotels, and even luxurious apartments for buyers and renters. The rooftop bar concept was started in New York City back in the 1890s. In fact, the first bar of its kind was called the “roof garden” atop the Casino Theater at Broadway and 39th street. This establishment was synonymous with fine chorus music, lavish dining, and drinking. Patrons would embark to the garden to beat the summer heat with all types of delicious beverages and spirits.

Urban-dwellers have longed loved the concept of grabbing a drink with picturesque scenery and panoramic views. From Houston and Los Angeles to Bangkok, there are now more rooftop bars than ever before. Many establishments have themes such as sports, big band music, urban contemporary, science fiction, and more. There are safe exits and routes in case of emergencies and plenty of bathrooms for patrons. Some units have solariums, while others are completely open and perfect for stargazers and wine connoisseurs.

If you love dining out and enjoying quality time with friends and loved ones, rooftop bars, like, will achieve your desired results. They are laid-back yet energetic with a friendly atmosphere for one and all. While some bars are based in smaller buildings, most are situated atop larger ones. This gives patrons beautiful views of the city below and allows them to take in all the sights and sounds.

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