Tasso Ham Recipes – The Best Way of Adding Flavor to Your Daily Dishes

Tasso ham is one of the pork pieces that have become an important ingredient of many recipes today. Cajun cuisine will become incomplete without the addition of Tasso ham.

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Tasso ham is the shoulder part of the pork and is normally used as a seasoning in the dishes such as gravies, gumbo, grits, and rice. All ingredients that have peppery flavor will surely include Tasso ham as one of the ingredients.

Cooking Tasso Ham Ingredient

All the traditional Cajun dishes will surely have this ham as one of the many must-have ingredients. Dirty rice, jambalaya, etouffee, gumbo, etc., and many other such recipes are made tasty with the help of Tasso ham.

·        Peppy Finger Food

Normal tame hors d’oeuvres such as potato croquettes, corn fritters, hushpuppies, and arancini will become spirited dishes because of the addition of Tasso ham.

·        Flavorsome Bowl

Many soup recipes such as chowders, bisques, creamy vegetable soups, are made fiery recipes with the addition of Tasso ham in the second half of cooking.

·        Take a Dip

Chefs add a bit of Tasso chopped in small pieces to creamy dips. The main aim here is to give the fondues and dips a rich, pleasing textured, and peppery bite flavor.

·        Gussying the Polenta and Grits

The soul food staple shrimp will get it’s signature snappy punch after the addition of Tasso ham to it. With the help of a simple ingredient, you can surely enhance the Tasso factor in many dishes of shrimps, langoustine, scallop, clam, and mussel dishes.

·        Sweet and Spicy

Sweet and Tasso ham is like the sweet and spicy combination in any recipe. Add a chunk of pineapple and Tasso ham in a skewer and grill them. You can even add some fruits such as mango and peaches as well with Tasso ham in the skewer.

·        Better Bread

Bread-based recipes can be made tastier and wonderful flavored with the help of some chopped Tasso ham. You can enhance the flavor of many bread types such as bread pudding, cornbread, cheddar muffins, drop biscuits, and so on.

·        Snappy Seafood

Adding spicy Tasso ham is an excellent choice for briny shellfish recipes.

·        Eggs are made Incredible

Egg dishes such as omelets, scrambled eggs, frittatas, etc., can be made spicier with the help of Tasso ham. Do you love having an extraordinary quiche? If yes, then add Tasso ham to custard and buttery pate brisee.

·        Mean Greens

The braised greens can be made tastier with the help of Tasso ham. Add Tasso ham to chard, braising kale, dandelion, collards, and many other such green preparations.

With the help of Tasso ham, you can add a zing to almost all recipes today. Try it out and enjoy tasty dishes all the time.

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