Different Cocktail Recipes of Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin

Four Pillars Bloody shiraz gin that is based in Australia acknowledged all the good things from the land down under. When Gin meets Shiraz grapes most amazingly, an incredible vibrant ruby color is the resulting gin. The grapes bleed into the clear juniper spirit, filling it with a particular deep-purple hue and a fruity, un-cloying sweetness.

Those remains at the bottom of the bottle are a natural outcome of the grape-steeping procedure. The Shiraz grapes originated from the Yea Valley and Yarra Valley Heathcote. Citrus is considered a friend to the shiraz-gin. Four Pillars suggests serving it simply with lemon tonic over ice. It can also be made into a Spritz with sparkling wine and fresh grapefruit juice.

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin different Cocktail Recipes

  • Absinthe Special Cocktail

Absinthe Special is a refined super strong cocktail at 2.8 standard drinks. Mixed with 30ml absinthe Dabel green fairy and 30ml gin four pillars bloody shiraz. With 10ml bitters orange, 10ml grenadine also 100ml ice. Add only some ice to the mixing glass then add ingredients to the mixing glass and mix well.

  • Blood and Tonic Cocktail

Blood and Tonic is a tasty average cocktail at 1 standard drink. Formed with 10ml lemonade juice and 30ml gin four pillars of bloody shiraz. With 60ml tonic water and 190ml ice and good with barbecue and roasted foods. Fill only the glass with ice cubes then add ingredients to the mixing glass and blend well.

  • Blood Barth Cocktail

Blood Barth is an appetizing quite strong cocktail at 1.6 standard drinks. Formed with 70ml wine red dry and 30ml gin four pillars bloody shiraz. And served big junks of meat, add only bloody gin to glass. Then spill with red wine and serve in a wine glass.

  • Miami Iced Tea Cocktail

Miami Iced Tea is a luscious strong cocktail at 1.4 standard drinks. Shaken with 10ml tequila patron xo cafe and 10ml vodka with 10ml rum light white. Also as 10ml gin four pillars bloody shiraz including 10ml lemon juice. 10ml curacao along with 10ml sugar syrup and 30ml club soda with 190ml ice. Fill the glass only with ice then add all ingredients to the shaker and shake without ice. Put into glass and top with cola soda.

  • Bloody Sour Cocktail

Bloody Sour is a strong cocktail at 1.3 standard drinks. Jiggle with 30ml lemon juice and 45ml gin four pillars bloody shiraz. With 15ml sugar syrup also 10ml egg white, also include 100ml ice and barbecue or roasted foods. Add only all ingredients to a shaker then dry shake without any ice and add to shaker. Shake until frothy, strain into glass, and enhance with a lemon twist.

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