Halal Arabic Dishes to Add to Your Menu Soon

Halal dishes are among the most enjoyable foods in the world. Halal in Islam is any food Muslims can eat. Muslims follow certain dietary guidelines to stay healthy and remain faithful at the same time.

But even though you might not be an Islam follower yourself, you might find many halal dishes delicious and delectable. If you find yourself browsing through the aisles of San Francisco Arabic supermarkets looking for ideas for new cuisines to try, halal foods definitely deserve a spot on your list.

Here are some of the most popular halal Arabic dishes that should be part of your everyday menu soon:


There are many different forms of halal foods, including sweet treats such as baklava. This dessert consists of multiple layers of filo, a buttery unleavened dough filled with spices and ground nuts. The baklava is then bound together with orange blossom essence or rose water and sugar syrup. Honey is drizzled on the top to create this delish treat.


Fattoush is commonly served in many households in the Middle East because it offers the perfect way of using leftover pita bread. Most Mediterranean restaurants also offer this salad as a form of appetizer. Although all Fattoush recipes are different, this is usually made with toasted pita bread, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers, and completed with olive oil dressing with lemon, sumac, and garlic.


Halvah is a sweet confection that resembles a layer cake with a cheese wheel shape. Depending on the specific base, the core component of halvah can differ. Semolina and grain give grain-based recipes of halvah a spongy texture. For nut-based ones, the key ingredients are sugar, ground sesame seed paste, and whole sesame seeds to give the dessert a rich and nutty sweet taste.


Hummus is a very popular side dish among both Muslims and non-Muslims. People like it because of its tastiness and the fact that it is easy to prepare with the use of widely available ingredients. Hummus is a creamy mixture of crushed sesame seeds, mashed chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic. It also serves as a condiment in some Arabic dishes.


A mansaf is a perfect dish to have if you are planning a feast. Customarily meant to be served during celebratory gatherings, mansaf or “a large tray” can easily feed an entire household. This contains lamb chunks cooked in jamseed, which is a variety of cheeses prepared using fermented yogurt.


Although most Muslims opt for vegetarian meals every time they dine out, many halal dishes contain meat. Shawarma is a must-try if you want a hefty meal. This is the Greek gyro’s Arabic version that features beef, lamb, or chicken.


Tabbouleh is a popular side dish that is a mixture of finely chopped herbs, like mint or parsley, finely minced onion, tomatoes, and cracked wheat or bulgur. Tabbouleh is traditionally served in Arab as part of a mezze, or a variety of small dishes meant to be consumed as a light meal or appetizer.

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