3 Wedding Menu Templates That Your Guests Are Sure To Love

When you first started planning and considering venues for your wedding reception, food was probably one of the most important deciding factors, wasn’t it? Its ever! You spend a lot of time planning what to serve on your big day, so don’t discount the virtues of including wedding ceremony template at any venue. are a great way to remind them of the fee You made your choice all those weeks ago. When your guests hear appetizer options at the table, they’ll likely appreciate having a menu handy to help them decide between main courses. In addition, a table is not really complete without the finishing touches. Of a menu that adorns every course. 

Your venue, particularly if it’s a traditional venue like a banquet hall, country club or hotel, may offer printed menus, but with a less conventional venue (or a stand-alone catering partner) you will
have to generally create your own menu layouts. Whether you need to create fancy menu template because your reception venue doesn’t provide them, or you simply want to mix and match the rest of your wedding stationery and signage for the day, The Invitations for a delicious wedding.

Minimal Glossy Foil Pressed Menu Cards

With clean, simple lines and a touch of gold glitter, these menu cards are the definition of modern elegance. With your choice of 6 color schemes and 8 foil options, you can match them to your other wedding accessories.

Paradise Menu Cards

The evening tones and natural leaf design of this menu are perfect for an evening beach wedding. There are 5 shades to choose from, but dark black and navy prevailed for us.

Pressed Birch Bark Veneer Menu 

This menu is beautiful no matter which of the 8 colors or 8 veneer options you choose. The pattern is modern, but somehow it’s more than that. Fascinating? Unique? It’s hard to find the right description, but simply put, this is no ordinary wedding menu.

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