How To Make The Best Chicken Rice?  

Today we are sharing the delicious thirty-minute recipe for one-pot tasty Chicken rice, which is also perfect for lunch/ dinner. This chicken is a very delicious silky chicken with a tasty sauce.

This is an all-time favourite item just because this is so simple to prepare and savoury. This chicken recipe is super easy to prepare as you can make this just in one pot, so you do not need to wash many dishes!

This recipe of chicken rice does not need a lot of ingredients or a complicated method like maximum recipes. There is a nice chicken rice store in Singapore that you can visit.

All About These Dishes  

It is the Asian Classis item which usually takes about thirty minutes, and also you can prepare this chicken by yourself, and you do not need to stay in the kitchen for a considerable time! 

But this chicken from scratch utilizes the quality elements & only takes less than thirty minutes to prepare this one-pot dish & you can also get a delicious, fulfilling food item.

Chicken is also booked over rice when infused, along with the chicken broth, garlic, some green onion, ginger & the Soy sauce. This one-pot chicken rice also serves as a healthy item and is also appropriate for meals after a hectic schedule.

This chicken rice also has gained the excellent status of last meal cult status & this chicken item is famous for its clean taste & the relative simplicity of the components- the poached chicken along with the bowl of this chicken fat slicked rice & also cool dipping sauce. Also, you can get a nice chicken rice store in Singapore.

How To Make This Chicken Recipe?  

In the deep non-stick pan, rinse the rice with clean water a few times until the water runs clear. Pour out this water properly, and then pour this chicken broth. And also, in soy sauce, garlic cloves, olive oil, chopped ginger & the remaining salt and, mix this properly.

With this skin side (down), place that chicken on top of the rice & broth mixture. And then, put the deep green onion over the top. And cover this with a lid. Set a covered pan on high heat until this reaches a boil. Once this appears to boil, immediately lower the heat to low & also cook for twelve minutes. After twelve minutes, immediately put off that heat & leave this covered pot on the stove to steam out this residual broth.


After finishing the cooking, remove green onion, garlic cloves & ginger. Slice the chicken. After this, serve with sweet sauce (chili) & enjoy! Also, you can entertain your guests by doing this at dinner or lunch.

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