How Not to Mess Up Wedding Cake Delivery in Singapore

Weddings are a momentous occasion that you should prepare for. Most couples prepare for their weddings months (or even years!) in advance, just so that their special day goes perfectly. Have you planned out all the details of your wedding yet? One of the centrepieces of your event has to be your wedding cake. You can get your dream cake delivery in Singapore by shopping for them online or calling a dedicated patisserie.

A wedding or wedding anniversary cake isn’t just your ordinary cake. Their designs are usually more complex, use more expensive ingredients with unique flavours, and are tiered or layered. The cake design usually matches your wedding’s theme and is custom-baked by experienced artisans.

Despite how hard wedding cakes are to make, the hardest part for the customer usually isn’t making the cake (because that is the job of the bakery), it is transporting the cake! If you haven’t thought of doing a fresh cream wedding cake delivery in Singapore, you might be at your wits end on how to transport your beautiful cake.

Here are just a few tips on transporting your wedding cake safely.

1) Get a non-slip mat for your wedding cake.

The last thing you want to happen is a cake that slips and slides around every time the car or other vehicle moves. Slippery cakes are more likely to get ruined during transportation than those cakes that stay put. So if you are doing a cake delivery in Singapore, ensure you get silicone or other non-slip mats for your cakes.

2) Connect the cake tiers during transportation

It might be a bit worrisome for others to have such a tall cake for transport, but trust this step when transporting your cake. When cakes are transported separately, they risk more chances of getting ruined individually. The only exception to this rule is when the cakes are very tall, which means that transportation may be more difficult when done together. Still, cakes should have connected tiers as much as possible.

3) Look for a specially made cake carrier

You might want to consider investing in a good cake carrier when transporting valuable cakes. Many bakeshops and other cake stores have cake-carrying systems that work well for wedding cakes.

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