Jerk Chicken – Cooking the Best Way Possible

Jerk chicken is one of the popular dishes in Jamaica. It is characterized by its distinct and tangy flavour along with signature spices, pimento wood, and scotch bonnet. The one that truly gives it a distinct taste is the pimento smoke. The taste is unique, that it’s impossible to replicate it without using authentic pimento wood. Fortunately, you can buy pimento wood by visiting

What makes pimento wood special?

Pimento wood, from the name itself, contains pimento (allspice) flavour. Instead of cooking jerk chicken in coal, Jamaicans used fresh green wood, a pimento tree, a tree native to the Caribbean. The same tree produces other important flavours for jerk chicken, such as allspice berries and sweet wood/laurel tree. Such parts are used for the marinade.

Pimento wood is an integral component of authentic jerk chicken. It could also be used to create authentic jerk pork. It is the wood the gives it an even more palatable aroma. The cooking process is a bit different, though. The cooking process begins with charcoals laid under metal grates. After which, big pimento logs/allspice wood are laid on top of the grates. It will help release the wood’s natural aroma, which will affect the flavour of the jerk chicken. Once all set, the met is laid on top of the greenwood and covered with a metal sheet to preserve the heat.

If you are looking for authentic jerk chicken taste, the secret lies behind the type of wood used for cooking. Pimento wood is the reason behind authentic Jamaican jerk chicken. It creates a distinct aroma and unforgettable flavour. It is hard to replicate unless you are using authentic pimento wood. Buy pimento wood for that original Jamaican jerk chicken without leaving the comfort of your home.

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