Being one of the world’s priciest spices, the Sunshine spice adds color, flavor, and aroma to any dish. It is worth buying the Saffron threads, and more reasons influence Saffron’s prices. To be precise, threads are derived from the plant named Saffron crocus, which has a delightful flavor and gives auburn shade to the dishes. Nearly 250,000 threads make one pound of Saffron. So Saffron is sold at a very high price, and the spice is also valuable for the money you pay.

Quality is one of the essential factors that you should consider while buying the Saffron spice as they are very important. If you want high-quality Saffron, then you have to splurge more. You can check whether the Saffron you buy is of high quality by its color and aroma. You can either buy the threads or powdered form, and both are good. It is your choice to pick one form that seems suitable for your cooking.

Saffron threads are gentle, and they have a high aroma, which demands proper storage to preserve the quality. You have to store it in a perfect place to maintain quality. For instance, the Spanish Saffron is harvested at night due to the high sensitivity to sunlight. Saffron is believed to lose color and smell when exposed to light. If you are safeguarding the spice in a protected place, it is easier for you to preserve the quality.

Tips for maintaining the freshness of Saffron 

  • The first and foremost thing you have to consider is the temperature and the place you use to store the spice.
  • When it comes to the place, keep the Saffron spice in a cool and dry place. A warm environment may distort Saffron’s quality, so it is better to keep it in a cool environment.
  • You cannot refrigerate the product as it might infuse moisture content in the spice, which results in a chemical reaction.
  • After purchasing the Saffron spice, ensure that you store it in a dark place without exposing it to light. Both natural and artificial light can alter the natural properties of Saffron.
  • Though you can store the spice in a safe place for a considerable amount of time, ensure that you use it soon. Because the above steps can slow down the aging process, but it cannot be stopped. As days pass, the sunshine spice will interact with different elements that can distort the quality.


Saffron is one of the highly coveted spices, not just because of the delicious savor it gives to food items but also health benefits. From losing weight to taking care of skin, there are numerous benefits in the sunshine spice. Ensure you buy the right product that is authentic, and it is vital to buy the spice from a reliable retailer. Enjoy the excitement of eating delicious food by adding a little bit of Saffron to it. Having a good diet and leading a healthy lifestyle is pure bliss.

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