Read these for tips for perfect coffee each time you turn on the espresso

Celebrations are taking place all over the world. We have been going through a hard time. We want to defend the art of good coffee at home. We love a good cup of this simple but complex infusion. There is nothing like good coffee at any time of the day.

Always grind it before preparing it.

Freshly ground espresso beans have more flavor compounds than wine, but they deteriorate quickly when exposed to oxygen. That is why it is recommended to grind it before preparing it, to prevent it from oxidizing, thus preserving its entire splendor.

The conservation of coffee is essential.

The coffee beans should be kept in a place away from the sun, without odors and hermetically closed, in order to prevent them from coming into contact with oxygen.

Using a good mug is very important.

The main requirements are that it is not made of a porous material, so that once washed there are no residues or odors. Make it a cup that maintains the temperature of the coffee, preventing it from getting cold. Porcelain is not heat conductive. Therefore, it is perfect to maintain the temperature for a long time, without burning us.

If not, we can heat a cup with hot water, then discard it and serve the coffee, in this way the coffee will retain its temperature for longer. The use of plastic cups is not recommended, although we must recognize that it is a good ally if we want to take a coffee to work.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions

It is essential since each coffee has its specifications. Just as it is also important to be attentive to the type of “grinding” that we are going to give. Coarser ground beans make it harder for water to penetrate and extract solid components from the coffee. Drink the coffee within 10 minutes of preparation, to enjoy in its entire splendor, its aroma and flavor.

Here we detail the four most common types –

The espresso machine or professions: They make the coffee in a few seconds, and a fine grind is recommended.

Italian coffee makers: should be fine to medium

The filter ones: should medium grinding.

Turks: A very fine grind is used, literally looking like flour.

Pay attention to the water

The other essential ingredient in making coffee is water, and we should not take it lightly. It is the base of the infusion and should be of the best possible quality since bad water can spoil any preparation. Choose mineral water as much as possible, or at least it is not hard water.

Adjust the water-coffee ratio

Here it depends a bit on the particular tastes and the coffee culture of the region. It also depends on the type of coffee maker that we are going to use. The amount of coffee for each infusion is equally important.

The water should not be boiling when you make the coffee, but it should be very hot. Let it rest for a minute after boiling, and then make a delicious coffee.

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