Short Guide on What makes Food Kosher or Not

A drink or food is considered suitable to eat if the Jewish dietary laws let you consume it.Kosher is not a cooking style, and instead, it is a more complicated thing governed by very precise and strict rules.

The Jewish laws that establish what makes food kosher give precise indications about the preparation, processing, and inspecting of the foods you will consume.

Making sure that food is proper to eat based on Jewish laws is actually a serious commitment.It means that answer to your question of what makes food kosher is a bit complicated.

Aside from being careful about what you eat, you also need to be careful with how you prepare your meals as well as how you use dishes and the kitchen on a daily basis.

It means that food production is also significant if you like to eat in accordance with Jewish laws.The good news is that you don’t need to be Jew to eat Kosher food and chances are you already have kosher products stocked in your pantry right now without you even realizing it!

Are Jewish People the Only Ones Who Can Eat Kosher?

Kosher foodbased on Jewish laws can actually be eaten by everyone and not just by Jewish people. What is even interesting here is that some Jewish people don’t even eat kosher food.

Is It Easy to Find Kosher Food?

Many supermarkets today sell an extensive variety of Kosher foodbased on Jewish laws since there is always a proper version of almost every food and drink in the world.

Kosher Food Categories

Here are the main categories of Kosher food:

  • Meat

Not all types of meat can be consumed based on Jewish laws.You are only allowed to eat meat sourced from animals with split hooves and chew their cud or partially digested grass such as cows, sheep, and goats.

Now, you might be wondering why pig meat is not considered Kosher even when pigs also have split hooves. Although pigs have split hooves, these animals don’t chew their cud.

  • Dairy

All types of dairy products such as butter, cheese, milk, and yogurt are considered to the good to consume by Jewish people as long as they come from kosher animals. Also, in the process of obtaining these products, only kosher technologies and equipment should be used based on Jewish laws.

  • Pareve

Pareve food is the final category of food that Jewish people are allowed to eat and it includes eggs, fish, fruit, coffee vegetables, and pasta.

It is important to be familiar with the Kosher ingredients categorized as pareve. For example, fish is kosher only if it has both fins and scales such as bass, salmon, and trout. Crabs, lobster, shrimp, or shellfish are not allowed to be eaten in accordance with Jewish tradition.

Be sure to buy your kosher groceries at and stock up your pantry with kosher ingredients and staples. 

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