What are different Cookies and chocolate cake for Valentine’s Day?

Chocolate bombs

Are you looking for a very original and perfect Valentine’s Day dessert to enjoy on a cold February afternoon? This dessert will not fail to surprise your partner, and enjoying it together will be an enjoyable experience. They are chocolate balls filled with marshmallows that you can dip in hot milk to melt and become an irresistible hot chocolate dessert.

Since the preparation is a bit unique, you can invite your partner to prepare them with you and have a great time with this baking trick. See the recipe for the chocolate bombs here.

Heart-shaped chocolate jelly

If you are looking for a dessert to end your Valentine’s dinner that doesn’t take up a lot of time, ingredients or work, this heart-shaped jelly is perfect. Decorate it with pieces of cherry, strawberry or any other red fruit, and we assure you it will succeed. Simple, light, elegant and pretty.

Cookies for Valentine’s Day

Now we enter a section of original baked desserts in case you are not afraid of baking biscuits, cakes and cookies.

Cookies are another of those easy sweet recipes that never fail as a gift because everyone likes them. All you need to do is decorate these homemade shortbread cookies, and they are ready to be delivered to the love of your life. You can choose to decorate them with royal icing or fondant dough. We recommend you paint them with food dyes of different colours such as pink, red or lilac. Fresh out of the oven and ready to fall in love!

Chocolate soufflé

The chocolate souffle is an exquisite and delicious dessert. Stand out with this classic French pastry, for which you will only need the same ingredients as any sponge cake, except flour and milk. The result is a simple Valentine’s dessert with a very fluffy and silky texture that will be a hit on the table. Serve it in small glasses at the end of the meal, and your partner will love it. You can also serve these desserts in cups for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine cake

In any list of desserts, a good cake or sponge should appear. In this case, you can prepare a special multi-layered cake with chocolate balls, cream and strawberries. It is a bit elaborate, so if it is your first time making a cake, we recommend you try the recipe that we give you below, as it is simpler and will also be very delicious.

Valentine’s cake in the shape of a heart

A cake is always the perfect way to win the hearts of our loved ones. They are easy to do and do not require much experience. We have made this in the shape of a heart with a chocolate flavour, but you can make it with other flavours and essences.

You may not have a heart-shaped pan, but don’t worry. You can try cutting it with a knife or if you don’t want to risk its odd shape, make a cake with any mould you have at home. The important thing, after all, is the taste. To decorate it, choose a chocolate ganache and toppings of whatever you prefer: icing sugar, grated coconut, chopped almonds, coloured rain, etc.

Marble cake for Valentine’s Day

If you want something that is the perfect balance between a complicated and a simple recipe, this strawberry marble cake is a tremendous challenge for this Valentine’s Day. Its colours are beautiful and very colourful, so it will be a pleasant surprise for the lucky one who can try a bite.

Valentine cupcakes

Cupcakes, cupcakes or muffins are also an excellent way to fall in love with a bite. The best thing about these types of desserts is that they are very versatile when decorating them, so you can give free rein to your imagination and prepare different decorations with messages or figures for your love.

The practical idea is to decorate it as we have done in this recipe and write little messages for your partner, stick them on sticks and bury them in the cupcakes. An utterly personalized surprise!

Heart-shaped cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon rolls are one of the favourite desserts of many… and it’s not for nothing! They are warm, delicious and plentiful with coffee or other hot beverages. Prepare some original heart-shaped cinnamon rolls and give a super cosy and romantic touch to this Valentine’s Day.

Red fruit cheesecake

We are already finishing our list of desserts for February 14, and now we are going with a classic that works for any time, although it never goes wrong during the day of love. Have you ever prepared a cheesecake or cheesecake? If not, don’t worry; we will guide you step by step in this creamy and flavorful recipe.

Chocolate truffles

There’s nothing like a simple homemade dessert to solve any gift. These chocolate truffles can be eaten in a few bites and are delicious. Prepare them with different toppings, place them in paper capsules, or arrange them on a small plate. Here we leave you all the steps to prepare spectacular chocolate truffles for Valentine’s Day.

More dessert ideas for Valentine’s Day

None of these options convinced you. So here we leave you easier Valentine’s recipes in which you will surely find a dessert you will love. Let nothing stop you from celebrating a special and unique Valentine’s Day!

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