Tips on How to Choose Top Quality Halal Meat in Los Angeles

Many of you probably already know the drill when shopping for halal meat in Los Angeles. The real secret to get top quality halal meat is to know more about what you are buying in the first place. Here are some tips to get your hands on the best halal meat out there.

Befriend the Butcher

Try to get to know the butcher better. Rather than placing your usual order then patiently waiting in the line to pay, why not reach out to the person who is preparing your meat for you? This active but simple act of kindness will pay off in more ways than you can imagine. If you are lucky, your butcher can also help you pick the best cut and freshest meat for your kebabs and curries.

Be Flexible

One of the best ways to save on your halal meat is to be flexible, especially if you often buy the same meat cut or you prefer to place bulk orders. Never feel as if it is your obligation to always buy the meat your recipe needs. This is also the perfect time to seek the butcher’s help to get a more budget-friendly cut.

Be Willing to Go the Distance

Don’t hesitate to go the extra mile to get your hands some quality halal meat. The trick here is to determine the amount of regular meat consumption of your family to help you plan accordingly and reduce the need to make several trips to distant butchers.

Know What You are Getting

The best way to make that you are getting top quality meat is to purchase it from a local Muslim butcher who sells meat from ethically raised animals. It will also be better if you can look for a local farm owner who does the butchering himself. You can also try to find someone who sells local meat and oversees the butchering himself.

If neither of these two is available in your area, find a halal meat store selling local halal meat. Once again, get to know more about the owner and inquire if the animals are raised in a humane way, what they eat, if antibiotics are used and others. You might also want to check if they have their own website and go through reviews about the meat shop that you plan to frequent.

Meet Your Halal Meat

Fresh halal meat must always have a rich, uniform, vibrant color. Any dullness in color indicates poor handling and is also a sign of meat that is possibly past its prime and is no longer fresh. The meat cuts should be smooth with no uneven edges.

There should be no unpleasant odor coming from the meat as well. Don’t forget to ask the butcher how old or how fresh the meat is. Most butchers rotate meat, placing the oldest ones on the front portion of the shelf. You might want to request for meat located in the back part of the display.

If you are at a grocery store that sells halal meat, try reaching in the back to the lowest part of the stack to get the latest pack dates for better quality meats.

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