Top Peruvian Nikkei Dishes You Would Not Want To Miss Out InLA

Finally, you are out to explore, and we are guessing you are at the best place to be at, at the right time of the years. Los Angeles is the largest city in California, and it is known for its glamourous life. But that has not stopped the city from attracting the eyes of food lovers worldwide.

Like any other global city, LA comprises people from around the globe and that for years has helped evolve the city into one of the biggest hubs of new and tasty cuisines. If you are in the city, don’t forget to explore the Japanese-Peruvian culinary sensation found at the restaurant “Mikaza Nikkei Sushi”. Here are is all you need to know about the Peruvian Nikkei dishes they serve and the tasteful roller coaster ride your taste buds are going to get on.

What Should You Know About Peruvian Nikkei?

As the name suggests, the food is a fusion between Peruvian and Japanese cuisines. Peru is known for its biodiversity, where people from different cultures have embraced the land and blended their own culture with the existing Peruvian culture. Similarly, Peruvian Nikkei is a consequence of the blend between Peru and the Japanese style of cooking. It makes Peruvian Nikkei oddly unique, flavorful and something unforgettable.

So, it is time for you to try out the marvelous Peruvian Nikkei cuisines and get a taste of fusion between two cultures. Here are few famous Peruvian Nikkei dishes that you must try while visiting restaurant Los Angeles Peruvian Nikkei for the first time.

Carne Asada

Carne Asada is a dish for beef lovers. The dish offers juicy steak marinated in Cilantro, olive oil, soy sauce, orange + lime juice, garlic, jalapeno, and cumin for a long time.

Peruvian Bento Box

Restaurant Los Angeles Peruvian Nikkei offers bento boxes. The bento box usually contains aromatic rice, which is from the Japanese culture. The aromatic rice is served alongside any stew or lamb/chicken. This combination comes from Peruvian culture. Therefore, the bento box lets you explore the taste of both Japanese and Peru cooking.

California Maki

Are you a Shushi Lover? Then you should try California Maki on your visit to Peruvian Nikkei Restaurants. The American sushi lovers will like the sushi flavor due to the American twist the dish gets from the fusion between Peru and Japanese cooking.

Sushi is rolled inside out. The roll contains cucumber, crab, and avocado, which gives the sushi roll a very different flavor. Then the Shushi is cover with toasted sesame seed and tobiko (the Flying Fish).

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