Pressure Cookers Vs. Slow Cookers- which is the best?

Guess you love cooking but it is not easy to cook a meal with proper taste every day. Nobody can always have success in cooking, you may cook well one day and may not another day. However, having clever kitchen tools will make the process simpler and give better outcomes! 

Today we will be talking about the most important cookware- pressure cookers vs. slow cookers. Both of these make cooking easier and are a handy tool for cooking but which is better for you? 

1. Pressure cookers- 

Most people get terrified at the thought of using a pressure cooker. But pressure cooker 5 liter is very easy to use if you know how to handle it. 

Working of pressure cookers- 

The pressure cooker is the vessel with an airtight lid and heat rise inside the vessel. The liquid in the food or ingredients is turned into steam and infused back to the food under high pressure. Once the food is cooked and the temperature of the cooker cools down, then only you can open it. 

What can be cooked in it? 

No matter you want to cook veggies or meat, a high-pressure cooker is best! In the prestige cooker 5 liters by Vinod CookWare, you can easily make bean stew, roasted chicken, or pulled pork within a short time say 30-49 minutes… 

Biggest benefit- 

Pressure cooker’s biggest pro is that you get the same slow-cooked flavor in your food without having to prepare in advance. You can come home, think about what to cook, and make it happen within a short time without having to wait. 

2. Slow cookers- 

This is another great kitchen tool that cooks food for a long time but perfectly. Slow cookers are best if you want to cook something like a pot of tomato Ragu. 

How does it work? 

They are also known as crock pots. These are usually electric cooker and works at low temperature. Also, you can leave the food to cook for a long hour and it is safe, your cooker won’t blast if you leave it unwatched for some time! 

What can be cooked in this cooker? 

Slow cookers are best for soups, beans, stews and meats. You can even cook that food which you cook in an oven or a pot for a long time. Also, people can experiment and make sponges and cakes in it. 

Biggest benefits-

One of the biggest benefits of the slow cooker is that you don’t have to keep your eyes on it. You can throw ingredients in it, cover the lid and adjust it at a low frame and leave it for hours. 

So we got to know about pressure cookers and slow cookers. We looked at their benefits and working too. Now, if you ask the best among the two, we can say that pressure cookers are the best for someone who comes home from work and wants to have delicious food instantly. Slow cookers are best for someone who has time and patience! 

At Vinod CookWare you can find your ideal pressure cooker easily! Hurry up! 


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