Vegetable Grain Fed Chicken – How is This Form of Breeding Better? 

Who doesn’t love the taste of scrumptious chicken dishes? However, not all the dishes taste the same. And we are not talking about different dishes. We are talking about one same dish made by the same person. As strange as it may sound, there are different kinds of chicken. The reason behind this entire taste and health debate is the way in which the chicken are fed and raised. 

If you ever taste chicken dishes made from chicken that are fed only on vegetable grains – no artificial growth hormone used – you’ll realize that it tastes absolutely different from what you usually eat. In fact, some heritage farms that have been breeding chickens in the most natural way are entirely aware of what goes into supplying customers with nothing but the best quality flesh. 

Chicken that are fed on vegetable grains that are grown in pesticide and insecticide free soil turn out to be healthier. The rare secrets as revealed by passionate breeders and farmers give information about the ways in which grain fed chicken are raised.

  1. 4 different types of recipes are fed to the chickens for 12 weeks. 
  2. The feed is 100% vegetable, nothing that’s hormone induced. 
  3. The feed doesn’t contain animal fat or even flour as a matter of fact. 
  4. The vegetable recipes are usually a mixture of soya bean, wheat, and corn. 

If you’re someone who believes in giving animals a free life, then these are the kinds of organic farm businesses that you should buy food from. They raise their livestock without any sort of cruelty. The animals are well fed and nourished during the entire breeding season. 

Having said that, some specialty chicken pieces, sold by heritage farms like Les fermes d’Isabelle, that you can buy online and must try at least once to find out the difference in taste are as follows. 

  1. Boneless back 
  2. Chicken thigh
  3. Chicken drumstick
  4. Natural wings
  5. Chicken carcass 
  6. Gluten-free marinated breast
  7. Ground chicken

Some of the benefits of eating grain fed chicken are as follows. 

  • You’re not consuming anything artificial. Grain fed chicken are not injected with any kind of growth hormones. And the food they’re fed is 100% veggies. Which means you’re consuming 100% organic flesh. 
  • You can be at ease of mind since the livestock raised by responsible breeders is not subjected to any cruelty. 

To sum up, the food that you eat can make or break your entire health. In these times when everything artificial is being supplied, it’s no less than a blessing to actually be able to relish the taste of vegetable grain fed chicken.

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