What coffee to use for an espresso machine?

To the question we could answer that any coffee can be used in an espresso machine. But here the post would end. Therefore we are going to explain several important questions so that you can buy the Best espresso coffee beans online. Besides investing in a good espresso machine, make sure you choose a 100% Arabica coffee or a blend with Robusta of sufficient quality, and that you grind it yourself in a grinder suitable for a fine grind grade.

The coffee has to be fresh

One of the most important things in getting a good espresso is getting a layer of cream on top of the coffee. This is best achieved with fresh coffee and is practically impossible to achieve with coffee that has been in the package for a few months.

The coffee always bought in beans

If you buy a ground coffee, the coffee will lose much of the aroma it has even before the package of ground coffee is closed at your supplier’s facilities. Therefore, despite the fact that we must put a ground coffee in the port filter, the coffee you buy should always arrive without grinding at your home.

Buy the coffee always packaged

Coffee has two great enemies – oxidation and contamination of odors and flavors. The coffee bean is able to absorb aromas and flavors very easily. If the coffee is bought in bulk, it has spent a long time in contact with the air and with the odors of other products. It can suffer in terms of quality. The bags and metal containers protect the coffee you use and make are kept in better condition for much longer.

Obviously we have to grind it

The first tip to obtain a good espresso is to grind it at the same moment that the coffee is going to be made, not a minute before. Coffee has many volatile substances that will not reach the cup if it is ground even for a few minutes before making the coffee. If the coffee is of quality with seven grams of ground coffee you have enough for a cup of espresso. The grinding must be fine to ensure that the water comes into contact with as much of the coffee as possible and thus the extraction is carried out quickly.

The coffee has to be a quality coffee

For a good espresso, we will opt for two types of coffee: blends with Arabica and Robusta in an approximate percentage of 90% Arabica and 10% Robusta. For us to consider quality coffee, it must be grown at a height, over a thousand meters, hand-picked, wet-processed, properly roasted, well packaged and consumed fresh. The Robusta grown in Uganda fulfills this double characteristic.

Type of toasting suitable for espresso

If the coffee is a quality coffee, we always bet on a medium roast. Medium Roast is a roast that maintains a considerable level of caffeine. Remember that the higher the degree of roasting, the lower the degree of caffeine, so very dark roasts that give rise to strong coffees actually have less caffeine than lighter cinnamon-type roasts.

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