What is Stal Compressor Equipment?

Most of you might have never heard about Stal refrigeration equipment or compressor solutions. There is so much more to know about it. It is an innovative industry with ready-to-use and efficient solutions for your industrial needs. Stal is a Swedish company that possesses a long history and well-known for its presence in the world of industrial refrigeration equipment. It got its entire fame as being part of the Sabroe family. Nowadays both these brands belong to York and Johnson Controls and the production of Stal compressors and units was stopped due to their continuation of the new brand name.

IndustrialFreezing.com supplies spare parts and used units for Stal compressors and their native parts. We also perform maintenance, repair, and upgrade of compressors and units under the Stal trademark.
Industrial Freezing.com is all about offering you help in making your life easy, ease your industrial processes, and allowing you to flourish your industry with economical solutions of used machines and equipment that last long, and perform better.

Stal compressors

Stal compressors have manufactured gas compression systems and various other compression systems for the petrochemical industry, agricultural, and food processing industry including chillers for process fluids, hydrocarbon blend compression plants, and booster compressors, as well as, for food assemblers, and processing industries is one of the activities developed by Stal refrigeration. These systems are widely used in the oil and gas industry for geological survey and mining, gas lift, gas collection, LNG, fuel gas, Transportation, Refinery operations, and food processing system like compressors, blowers, dryers, and further processing, etc.


IndustrialFreezing.com offers solutions for several industries, in precise shaping Packaged compressor units with all the parts mounted on a single frame, Remote Monitoring System based on Stal or other operative controllers, Shut-off and control valves, Components, accessories, and spare parts, service, and warranty services regarding your pre-installed machines, installation, start-up and repair works regarding your compressing units and further processes. Gas compression units manufactured and prepared by Industrial Freezing are based on open-type oil-injected screw compressors with step-less capacity control from 10 to 100% with a built-in slide valve that together with various methods of oil cooling allow to seriously increase the energy costs. These are applicable and operated in petrochemical industries.

With various compressor designs and functions available, there is a very thin and operable margin of rebuilding and maintaining those air compressors, and reconditioning them for better and longer use. This is entirely offered and serviced by Industrial Freezing. Their parts and components might include pistons, valves, rotary components, belts, conveyors, and many more. These vary concerning the type of compressor.

When we consider a Rotary compressor; the main equipment might be different, and those vary for screw compressors and other types as well; a rotating shaft for mounting the impeller, seals, and bearings that help to trap the natural gas from leaking, and for Reciprocating compressor; these parts might include a piston, suction channels, and cylinder, cylinder heads, and discharge valves.
These are all offered and tackled with the brand name of Stal compressors and associated with their parts through our expert efforts and large inventory base. So, just reach out to us with your requirements and we’ll accommodate you accordingly.

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