What to Keep in Your Freezer

(That people will really eat.)

If your house is full of hungry, busy people, then you know how critical a well-stocked freezer is. Quick and easy freezer foods get delicious, satisfying bites into hungry mouths without the need for time-consuming, tedious prep. When your crowd cries, “I’m hungry! What do we have to eat?” send them to the freezer for one of these suggestions:

Mozzarella Sticks

The best mozzarella sticks have a crispy breading on the outside and creamy, melty cheese on the inside. They heat up quickly in a conventional oven, a toaster oven, or even in an air fryer. Served alone or with a dip, they’re a snack everyone loves.

Chicken Nuggets

We hesitated to put this on the list because it seems almost too obvious, but the truth is that chicken nuggets are a great snack. They are quick to prepare and well-loved. Having a bag or two in your freezer means you have ready access to this favorite anytime you need it. If you’re a bit tired of the ubiquitous chicken nugget, mix things up by serving seafood nuggets instead.


Frozen pizzas are really good. You can find dozens of varieties at your local grocery store, including veggie pizzas, personal pizzas, and gluten-free versions. Have fun with your family trying them all, and then keep your favorites on hand. They’re ideal for afternoon snacks, midnight munchies, and spontaneous get-togethers. The need for pizza can strike at any time; it’s best to be prepared.

Baked Goods

Individual baked goods like cookies and muffins store exceptionally well in the freezer. Whether you’ve made them yourself or purchased them from your favorite bakery, setting a few tasty treats aside to save in the freezer is a smart choice. They thaw quickly on the counter or can be heated in the microwave for a “just out of the oven” experience. You can even freeze raw cookie dough. The next time you find yourself baking cookies, don’t bake them all. Shape your dough and then freeze. These can be baked straight from the freezer, so you can have a fresh-baked cookie practically on demand.


The number of different kinds of popsicles available is dizzying. For a good snack popsicle, find the varieties that have real fruit or yogurt and that are low in sugar. Rest assured, there are plenty of these out there, and you and your family will love them. Honestly, an afternoon snack that includes cheesy mozzarella sticks and a whole-fruit popsicle is almost perfection.

Is Your Freezer Ready?

Stock up on these tried and true snack solutions today.

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