4 Health Drinks To Bridge The Nutrition Gap In Women

4 Health Drinks To Bridge The Nutrition Gap In Women

Nutritional needs depend on person to person, and it is different for everyone depending on health, gender, age, etc. The benefits of balanced nutrients are not hidden from the world. It provides all the essential nutrients which are required to keep the mind and body healthy. As per the experts, it is recommended to have at least one glass of healthy drink with an everyday meal, which usually comes in powder and mixed in water or milk. If you are looking for health drinks for women, we have a list of some known choices.

  1. Women Horlicks

Women Horlicks is one of India’s popular drinks to provide all the essential nutrients that a woman’s body requires. It has calcium, which promotes stronger bones, and Vitamin D is required to absorb the calcium. There are several flavors of Horlicks drink available in the market, and women who have entered their 30’s can consume it daily.

  1. Protinex Mama- Chocolate

Protinex Mama is specially created for pregnant women, which is rich in DHA, which is good for the mother and promotes brain development to the child. Basically, it is a good source of vitamins and minerals needed by the women during her pregnancy phase.

  1. Cadbury Bournvita Drink For Women

Cadbury Bournvita is one of the popular drinks for years, which is designed for women. It is rich in calcium, folic acid, vitamin D, and iron, which keeps the bones strong and provides energy to carry out daily activities.

  1. Oliva Protein & Herbs

Oliva Protein is another popular drink for women, designed by extracting multiple herbs to make the powder healthier for women. It is rich in vitamins and minerals that make the body strong from the inside and burn extra fats present in the body.

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