How Can You Choose the Cut of Best Beef for Stir Fry?

Stir Fry is considered a loving dish and delicious meal for people to eat in everyday life. 

Yes, if you can book a generation amount of it, you can keep it as an excellent leftover for the next day!

Well! The dish has a significant number of combinations of bison meat that make it so beautiful in taste. 

But for you to be able to enjoy this taste, you need to know how to do it the right way. So Step Up with Us Now!

What is the First Thought to Have When Choosing the Beef Option with Meal?

One complaint that we commonly hear about stir fry is with me. 

It becomes dry, chewy or something tough to swallow. It’s not that important to add beef to your stir fry. 

FACT: It is a popular fact that some people prefer to add veggies and compensate for the lackluster meat. It brings up their taste as well in any meal!

But why go through such trouble just to make one dish, right? Select the right meat, and that’s all! 

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This one step could make your dish beautiful or worse. Imagine having the perfect taste of the meat melting in your mouth with appetizer recipes.

5 Best Stir Frying Beef Cut Options to Have:

The idea behind choosing beef for your stir fry is to get it in a good cut. 

Your goal is that once you’re done cooking, the meat becomes tender and chewy enough that other ingredients mix well with it.

This article is a detailed view of various meat cuts so that you’re able to identify which would suit your dish better. 

  • Flank steak:


One of the most popular cuts for stir Fry is flank steak. 

This is a long beef area and a thin cut of meat. It is gained from the cow belly muscles. 

How to Have it?


The one part that has the most intense beef flavor is the belly, which is why people prefer using the meat from the Flank steak. 

Next, Slice the piece of your meat into thin pieces and marinate it well before you cook your meal.

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  • Skirt steak:

Skirt steak is similar to flying steak. 

However, the one difference between them is that it is not from the belly muscle. Instead, it comes from the diaphragm muscle. You will get a quality, robust flavor. 

How to Have it?

Suppose you are able to marinate it well. 

As suggested by the famous chef, Jamie Oliver, you should cook it on high heat for a shorter period of time to make the meat tender. The best serving of this kind of meat is either rare or medium-rare.

  • Sirloin steak:

Another name used for Sirloin is the porterhouse. People who prefer taste and flavor in their cooked beef are likely to go for this option. This steak is also inexpensive and is usually available in the famous restaurant L’Enclume

How to Have it?

The piece is extracted from the t-bone area. 

If you want to achieve the ideal result with this steak, we suggest you marinate it for long hours and avoid overcooking it or else it becomes tough. 

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  • Rump steak:

The Rump Steak refers to the hip section of the cow. It is considered to be flavorsome and tender all over. The cut of this meat is lean and thinly sliced. 

How to Have it?

The best method to cook it is at the time when you roast the piece of beef at high heat. 

Later you are supposed to cook on low flame also for dining!

  • Beef tenderloin:

The beef tenderloin is best known as beef filet or filet mignon. As per Delia Smith, It is loved by many people for being the leanest of all while providing the right set of tenderness and expensive cuts of beef. 

How to Have it?

The beef tenderloin is nearly irresistible. Your stir fry will be full of flavor while not being too mild or strong. It melts perfectly in your mouth! 

Not only this, but you will also be stress-free when it comes to the overcooking part. Because it stays tender no matter what! 

How to Prepare the Cut of Best Beef for Fry Stir Meal?

Considering that most of the cooked dishes mainly rely on the choice of meat. Avoid buying already cut meat for stir fry. 

PRO TIP: When you are getting your meat ready to cook, we suggest you keep it in the freezer for 20 to 30 minutes. This way, you will get the meat partially frozen, and it makes the meat easier to slice through.

While cutting the meat, make sure you are focused on cutting it thin Suggested by Marco Pierre White. All the pieces should be in uniform size. 

Always cut the beef against the grain. This way, your beef would be broken down, and the muscle fibers will be shortened. This gives a tender taste and easy-to-chew feel to the meat. 

Cutting the Boneless Beef Cut to Have with Stir Fry:

The idea behind the meat cutting against the grain is really important if you desire to achieve a tender taste in stir fry. 

When we say “grain,” we mean the long strands you will see marked on the meat. These marks run parallel to the meat, which is followed by chiefs in Ynyshir. Cut against it so that it becomes shorter, making it easier to tenderize.

Accurate Process of Cooking the Beef Cut:

Step 1: For cooking the meat, you are supposed to start with a pan that is hot already. 

Step 2: Make sure that your beef takes a couple of minutes to become brown in color. 

Step 3: Avoid using a pan that becomes crowded once you put the beef in it. This way, the heat will be minimized overall. 

Step 4: You are required to cook the beef first. Then place your veggies once you have taken out the meat. 

Step 5: Now, you can add back the beef once the veggies are cooked so that it soaks and gets coated with the sauce. 

Final Verdict:

Everyone desires to achieve a good taste in making stir fry. 

To conclude the article, we experienced that flank beef will always be the preferred choice for stir fry meals. 

However, going for other options will not harm your dish only if you are able to follow the technique they require!

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