Stew vs Soup: What’s the Difference?

Did you know that 95% of Americans either like or love soup?

From battling an illness to staying cozy in the winter and throwing together a simple weeknight meal, people have been able to rely on soup for many different occasions. Since this dish is so versatile, you can enjoy a comforting bowl at any time.

If you’re not the most experienced chef in the kitchen, then you might be confused when it comes to the stew vs soup debate. Although these terms are often used interchangeably, you can keep reading this guide to understand the unique differences.

Stew vs Soup Thickness

When most people think of soup, they imagine clear, thin dishes like chicken noodle soup. Soups are always made with lots of broth, which keeps everything light.

Stews are heartier meals because they’re often thickened with a roux or they’re cooked down until the liquid has evaporated. When you’re in the mood for something extra filling, then you should choose stew over soup.

How Long It Takes to Make Soup and Stew

If you want to know how to make stew and soup, it all comes down to how much time you’re willing to wait.

People love whipping up soups because you only need to boil the ingredients until they’re the texture you prefer. Stews take longer to make because the broth needs to thicken and the flavors will develop further.

The Ingredients in These Dishes

Lots of people wonder, “What is soup made of?” The beauty of the answer is that anyone can throw their leftovers into a pot and create a delicious soup with a bit of creativity.

Both soups and stews are often made with meat, vegetables, broth, and herbs. One major difference is that stews like carne guisada tend to have meat and vegetables that are cut into larger, more luxurious pieces.

What Is Stew or Soup Served With?

People can enjoy soup on its own or pair it with a nice slice of warm bread.

The cool part about stew is that it’s thick enough to serve on a plate with other ingredients if you wish. To make your stews stretch, you can present it on a bed of rice or another side dish.

Stew vs Soup vs Chowder

You can see the distinctions between soup and stew now, but you might still be wondering how chowder falls into this conversation. Chowder is its own category because this dish is composed of seafood and hearty vegetables like potatoes.

While chowder is thick enough to be classified as a stew, it’s important to know that not every stew is chowder.

Now You Understand the Difference Between Stew and Soup

You’re not the first person to get confused by the stew vs soup debate. After reading this guide, you can feel like a seasoned chef since you know the minor differences between these meals.

It can be tough to stay inspired in the kitchen each day. If you’re on the hunt for some magical recipes and cooking advice, then check out our other posts.

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